Our Featured Personality – Dr. (Mrs) Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi

Dr. (Mrs) Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi

Dr. (Mrs) Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi

H.E is the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands. Prior to her present position she was Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

H.E is also the Dean of the African Ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As the Dean of the African Diplomatic Group, she has been involved in facilitating the African Diaspora to organize themselves within the African Union Sixth Region Process.

“For the African Diaspora Community in the Netherlands to be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of Africa and the African Union, a credible umbrella organization is a sine qua non. The creation in 2002 by the government of Nigeria of The Nigerian in Diaspora Organization to mobilize the talents and competence and professional expertise of Nigerian professionals in Europe, America and elswhere, was principally born out of the realization that the Nigerian Diaspora needed a purposeful structure in the form of a legally recognized organization towards the meaningful harnessing of these professional assets.

I am convinced that the National African Diaspora Organization, Netherlands chapter, will, when it commenced its work, find it useful to consult and explore ways and means of cooperation with the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The NIDO chapters in the three regions mentioned have more than ten years of accumulated experience in what the founding fathers of the AU would like  regional African Diaspora to do towards the development of Africa with the following programme of action and implications:

1. Harnessing the human resources and strategic potential of the African Diaspora in the Netherlands to promote and advance effective knowledge transfer for technological and infrastructural development and build responsible, transparent, accountable and democratic system of governance in Africa. Thus, influence the development of their homelands, values that could make a significant contribution to improving the situation on the continent.

2. Financial Remittances: Through coordination, investment opportunities, transparent government, organization and management to induce the African Diaspora to increase the volume of money remitted back home which in turn will stimulate growth in GDP to their respective homelands.

3. Take concrete measures that would promote and sustain linkages between Netherlands and the AU Diaspora in the following priority areas: Trade and Investment, Science and Technology, Travel and Tourism, Communication and Transportation Infrastructure, Energy, Information and Communication Technology and Cultural Industries.

Quoted from the speech of H.E Ambassador Mrs (Dr.) N.N. Akanbi delivered at the occasion of the African Union African Diaspora Conference hosted by the South African Embassy, October 2012 The Hague Netherlands

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